Our Goals


What do we want to achieve? Why are we needed?

Just one hundred years ago even Western cultures where mainly agricultural. People still believes they where a part of Nature. This has changed drastically. Since a few decades we're in need of NGO's to remind us, that we desperately need the Ecosystem we're living in. We have to thank them for their selfless work.

But we've seen there's one major flaw. To keep going NGO's need publicity. Yet only spectacular pictures make it into the Media. We think of this as a waste of money and ressources.

We want to raise money for a Foundation working on a base level, an organisation that goes to work where it is needed most. And the very basis of our Ecosystem are the oceans. Our lives depend on phytoplankton that generates about 60 percent of all the oxygen worldwide, a lot more than all forests and other green plants combined.

Phytoplankton is endangered due to a variety of problems. Some of them are known to the Public, others sadly aren't in the media focus. We want to make them known. We are going to address them, before it is too late.

One of those new threats to the maritime Ecosystem are Glyphosate and it's byproducts. Glyphosate is herbicide that kills any green plant by disrupting basic metabolic functions. There only a few 'in vitro' studies that hint at Glyphosate as a possible culprit. We want to change that. We need 'in situ' studies. Somebody needs to be out there at sea to take care of things and that's what we're going to do.


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