The Great Diversion (An Open Letter to Mankind)


„Lies are news, truth is obsolete.“ Spider Jerusalem


I'm using the words of a fictional character right now because we live in a fictional world. We're being diverted and distracted. The major problems of our times and there solution have been fabricated to keep us from realizing that the real threats are lurking somewhere underneath. Those fabricated issues are being presented to us by people who tend promise an easy way out but who do never really deliver. They just keep us busy until the next distraction hits the big screen of our media outlets. Did you ever wonder why we need so much press coverage when they all deliver the same phoney story in the end?

They're just trying to cloak the real challenges of our time. If you still follow the mainstream media you're going to be told that there are only two real issues in need to be addressed: Corona and Climate Change. But strange as it seems it's the remedies issued for those problems that really make our lives so miserable. Climate Change may be a real threat and it should be addressed.  Yet the whole complicated topic ends up being reduced and boiled down to one rather sketchy statistic concept: carbone dioxide and the man made climate collapse. Nobody really cares if the basic model equations used for their Doomsday scenario can't cope with reality. The story dominates the mainstream media and effectively stops any other scientific approaches from being published.

Take the Zero CO2 faction for example: They want to completely remove it from our atmosphere which is both ridiculous and lethal. It would the death of each and every green plant within a month after completion. Just like Zero COVID. It's not only impossible, it's downright dangerous. A sterile planet is a dead planet. We've been living with viruses since the beginning of time. Our immune system needs to be stimulated or it's going to fail. It needs to be strengthened, not pampered.

I don't think of it as an accident that turned a rather harmless molecule which happens to part of any given live cycle in any living being into the biggest threat on Earths' climate. Why not leave it to the green plants to get rid of the carbon dioxide? They've been handling it for countless eons. Ok, maybe we better stop burning rain forests for cheap burger patties. Most countries have already stopped whale hunting which is actually a good thing too since whales are the gardeners of the oceans. And we better stop dumping toxic waste into rivers and oceans because the phytoplankton is our main source of oxygen. No one wants a breath of clean air to become  a luxury. Same goes for potable water. Most of our worlds surface water isn't drinkable any more.

Aren't you waiting too … for that glorious moment when our government finally issues a tax on breathing. Or the day Nestle or some other kraken in the food industry gets a public private partnership deal on your hometowns tap water supply.

The clock is ticking. Concerning health issues it's already half past twelve. Let's talk about Corona, shall we? When did the annual flu season started to be a worldwide pandemic event? Do you still remember? When it started they really had us worried. The news coverage about the situation in China … do you remember that? People dropping dead in the middle of the street. The military hosing street with desinfectant while in full NBC gear. Overcrowded hospitals with sick people in the ICU gasping for air. Then the Bergamo scenery with dozens of military trucks carting away the dead. Most of it ended up being a hoax or a one time event based on mismanagement but the damage was done. They wanted you to panic. Now they want you to get vaxxed. Makes you think … doesn't it?

Follow the science … that what they keep telling us. Hey, but only there special brand of science from the labs of our trusted friends from big pharma. Let's talk about good intentions … good luck with finding those in this tank full of sharks. And Gates is one of the big white ones, just like his croonies. A billionaire never can be a philantropist. You can't grab a billion bucks by being nice. If you'd find a millionaire who donated a billion in his lifetime i might be tempted to call him one. Guess that never happened and never will.

Ever played in the lottery. Think of the big win, the jackpot. Let's say you won and let's forget about the taxes for a moment. Do you think you can buy a motoryacht like one of those guys? Well, think again. You can maybe charter one for a few weeks. After that you're probably broke. Just for buying a used one you have to win the jackpot about ten times over. And you still won't be able to pay the costs of running the whole show. Hope you get the idea.

All those philantropists and their foundations, their NGO's and whatnot. They're all part of the big lie, playing their part in this big fiction they're trying to sell us as our reality. We need to take a second look. We need to address the problems on our own. Don't wait for a billionaire to solve problems he created all by himself in the first place. It is time to stand up and to start taking responsibility … because the political crooks and the rich won't do it for you. Be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.


M.T. Weber



PS: I've mailed this text to a couple of media outlets and news portals, to no avail


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