All Power

All Power …


All power comes from the people. No … that's not quite right. All power comes from the state. And the state is whoever makes a grab for power. Usually a political party or a coalition, at least in those states we tend to call Western Democracies. In Germany the state fell prey to a small group of power hungry politicians who have consolidated their rule over time in the current crisis.

There's something foul in the state of Denmark Germany, sorry for the quote, but i thought it fitting. There are more than a few technical mistakes in our constitution, overlooked by the founding fathers of our German democracy … or the Allied Forces who were still in charge. Germany, as Wolfgang Schäuble stated, was never fully sovereign after 1945. I don't want to play the blame game. The simple question was: Are the German people ready for democracy? Do they even deserve it?

I guess there where a lot of different opinions about that topic. Apparently there wasn't enough trust to grant them direct democracy. Unlike other democracies there's not a single political office that's appionted by a direct vote from the people. More than seventy years have passed and nothing has changed at all. But it's not just about missing referendums or a lack of direct voting. The problem runs deeper. At the very base of every democracy is the concept of the seperations of powers. Legislation, Executive and Jurisdiction need to seperated to act independently. No such thing in Germany: Legislation is authorized to issue instructions on both Executive and Jurisdiction. Seems the have not learned their lesson from the issues that ended the Weimar Republic. Many changes in constitution were nothing more than cosmetic  improvements. Take the compulsory schooling as an example. It's of Nazi heritage but it was kept until the present day. It cuts down on parental rights in so many ways that it is banned in most modern democracies.

And then there's the rather 'laissez faire' handling of our basic constitutional rights in the ongoing crisis of unknown origin (aka. COVID). Not that it stops our politicians from criticizing countries whom the think of as inferior or less democratic for doing the exactly same thing. I don't know how you would call it but for me it's the worst case of hypocrisy ever encountered. The whole system lies down sick with the Facade Democracy Syndrome.

Things wouldn't be that worse of it wasn't for the total lack of any news coverage. The Fourth Power, the Free Press, doesn't seem to exist any more or isn't working properly. There's only one thing news portal really need to do: they have to inform the public. They have to keep the people up to date about the state of the nation. In Germany we have a ruling Cartel of so called democratic parties controlling not only most media releases but police forces and judges as well. They don't even shy away from using one power against the others: the media to discredit so called heretics or police to harass and house search independent thinking judges.

It all reeks of stench that followed in the wake of the German reunion. The dark shadow of the former GDR never really vanished. Former party officials from the East started infiltrating each and every of our democratic institutions. Same thing happened with the once independent media outlets and the so called public legal broadcasting services.

The future doesn't look bright if we take into consideration that mentioned changes not only occur in Germany or Europe only. The stench of corporatism is spreading across the globe and the only choice we seem to have if it's about healthcare or ecology. But hey, i guess they're going to give us both … just for good measure. Now leaving the Post Factual Era … and entering the Post Democratic Era.


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